James Turrell ‘Three Gems’ 360 Video

James Turrell ‘Three Gems’ 360 Video

Step inside ‘Three Gems’, our James Turrell “Skyspace”, through this 360 video, produced by students from UC Berkeley.

Click and drag your mouse across the video to explore different angles of of the work, or move your smartphone if using mobile.

‘Three Gems’ is a site-specific commission and was Turrell’s first “Skyspace” in the form of a stupa or dome. Made in 2005, it is built into a hill within the garden and features a view of the sky altered by lighting effects that will change with light and weather conditions outside.

Produced by Christopher Vinan, UC Berkeley Sociology, and Cognitive Science Graduate, with support from Audrey Tsai, UC Berkeley Cognitive Science Graduate. Music by Tori Sweeney, NYU Music student. For more information visit: http://goodlookvr.com/.

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